Work and Worship

When we are opened, our human soul is reawakened. After a period of purification, we start to receive human movements. These movements are very useful for our lives in this world, if we consciously put them into our daily lives. When Bapak first received the latihan, he found that when he did his prayers, it was very easy for him to feel the latihan. But when he was at work, he found it much more difficult to feel the latihan, so he had to make much more of an effort to feel it. I read that when I was very young in Subud and thought to myself that if Bapak had to make an effort, then how much more do I have to make an effort? So I started to consciously make the effort to feel the latihan in all of my activities in my daily life.

I also noticed that some of the movements that I received were different in the latihan than my usual way of moving in my life. For example I noticed that the way that I was made to walk in the latihan was completely different from the way that I normally walked. One day it came to me that I should walk that way outside of the latihan. So I got quiet for a moment and inwardly made an intention to walk from the latihan. The moment that I did that, I felt myself being made to walk in the way that I walked in the latihan. I was very surprised because I felt that I was worshiping God while I was walking. At that moment I understood that I really needed to pay attention to what I was receiving in the latihan, because I was being trained to live in accordance with the will of God. All I had to do was to put my latihan into my life.

Eventually I started to receive various talents that were very useful for my life. I received songs and because my voice was already alive from the latihan,I found that I could even heal myself with the vibration of my voice, whenever I sang them. I received inner drawings that would answer questions that I had and I also received to write. I received that I had an inner clown, which I understood that I was born with. In my experience, this all happened when I began to make the conscious effort to put my receiving into my daily life.

Work is worship, if we feel the latihan when we do it. It doesn’t matter what kind of work it is. It can even be work that we learned before we came into Subud. If you test how you are doing your work, and how you should do it when you are guided by the power of God, you might be very surprised at the difference. But then it also takes courage to actually put it into your life. If you focus on that, you will never become bored with the latihan or your life. You will receive the truth, that God really loves you. All praise and glory to the One Almighty God.

The human soul is the source of all true culture. The latihan is the reawakening of true culture. It’s not necessary to test about your true talent, because if you haven’t received it yet, you probably are not ready to do it. When you receive it, it will be very easy for you to put it into your life. It will be very natural, in the same way that you receive the latihan. You will also feel that you are worshiping God whenever you do it. So have patience and put as much of the latihan into your life that you are able to. It will all happen by itself in a very natural way, when you are ready to receive it. May Almighty God give you the understanding and the wisdom to worship God in all of your actions. Amin!



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