Understanding the Latihan and True Culture

Muhammad Isman Kanafsky

SICA-USA Workshop at Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico August 12, 2014

For folks like me who need things spelled out and spoon-fed, the SICA
workshop led by Muhammad Isman Kanafsky really helps to clarify
what Bapak meant by “putting the Latihan into practice”. though Bapak
explained this in his talks using many examples, the idea of putting the
Latihan into practice had not been entirely clear to me until I attended
Kanafsky’s workshop. In his workshop, Kanafsky demonstrates using
examples from his experience and helps us to recognize examples from
our own experience. He gives us explicit permission to “feel our Latihan
at all times” – something that requires ‘effort’ in the sense that one must
pause, remember God, and make an intention. This ‘remembrance’ and
the continuous latihan state that accompanies it is available to all Subud
members as we go about our daily work and activities. The workshop
begins with an informal discussion among the participants and
culminates in testing to bring meaning to ideas explored. I recommend
the workshop to any Subud Member who still experiences a disconnect
between their submission to God in the scheduled group Latihan and
their submission to God in their daily life.

Matthew Ward


Back in my early Subud days I used to hunt for every literature I can
find on the web about Subud, and one of the literature I liked is Isman’s
book, which reads like an autobiography. The book was quite special
because it sounded real and sensible and I found that I can relate to
many parts of it, particularly about latihan being a real transformational
experience which saved one from drinking habits and depression. I have
pretty much forgotten about it, when at the Congress others mentioned
about a really recommended sharing session which they are going to
attend for the second time. So I went with them and there was Isman,
leading the workshop. Just like how the book was written the person is
also unassuming, plain, the words spoken without searching for effects
except for light humor here and there to make people relax, the whole
presentation concise and free of self-interest. He made everything
become light and clear. Meeting him for me is among the top reasons to
be grateful for going to the Congress. It would be nice to meet him again
someday. Greetings from Jakarta.

Pandji Alfi

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