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Travesía Kejiwaan - Documental Subud - English Subtitles
Travesía Kejiwaan - Documental Subud - English Subtitles

Understanding the Latihan and True Culture 

Muhammad Isman Kanafsky

SICA-USA Workshop at Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico August 12, 2014

Bapak Subuh - Bring Us Near to Happiness

by Simón Cherpitel

Prayer of Bapak Mhd. Subuh with photos & montage by Simón Cherpitel, produced in collaboration with Leonard van Hien, cellist playing Felix Mendelssohn's "On Wings of Song" accompanied by Adelaide Simbolon on piano.
Bapak Subuh is the founder of Subud. The prayer Bapak sang to his wife Ibu Sumari on her birthday in 1968, is for all of mankind. Recorded at Adi Puri in Wisma Subud, Jakarta, Indonesia, in Dec 2012 by Sahlan. McKingley & Sofyan Tsang. We are members of the World Subud Association & co-owners of entire contents of presentation.
For more information about Bapak, visit subuh.com & for Subud subud-world.com.

Harold Hitchcock: Life in Light

by Ra'up McGee

A documentary about the life and work of Harold Hitchcock.

Recent Blog Posts

To SICA’s Supporters for 2017

Andrew : February 5, 2018
Dear Supporter, Thank you for your generous contribution To SICA-USA in 2017. We have been able to support several worthy Projects in the past months, including; The Jerry Chalem interview project, Fayra Teeters theater projects, Malama MacNeil’s Way Of Council, A start up creativity event- The Great Create, SWIM -online magazine Showcase for Subud writers, more »

Work is Worship

Andrew : June 4, 2015
In my understanding, if God stopped working, everything would disappear. So if God has to work, how necessary is it for me to work? The next question is what kind of work should I do? Bapak used to test us to feel how it is to do various types of work. Doctor, architect military teacher, more »

Understanding the Latihan and True Culture

Andrew : October 8, 2014
Muhammad Isman Kanafsky SICA-USA Workshop at Subud World Congress in Puebla, Mexico August 12, 2014 For folks like me who need things spelled out and spoon-fed, the SICA workshop led by Muhammad Isman Kanafsky really helps to clarify what Bapak meant by “putting the Latihan into practice”. though Bapak explained this in his talks using more »

Work and Worship

Andrew : June 24, 2014
When we are opened, our human soul is reawakened. After a period of purification, we start to receive human movements. These movements are very useful for our lives in this world, if we consciously put them into our daily lives. When Bapak first received the latihan, he found that when he did his prayers, it more »

SICA Retreats

Andrew : May 2, 2009
Latihan and the Creative Process – an exploration and sharing for Subud artists. The 2009 SICA Retreat at the Portland Oregon Subud house was a success. INSPIRATION From Bapak: “Now culture… is a movement or an action of the budhi, or the inner nature of man, which in other words can be called the jiwa more »